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Shuhdae Karbala Conference September 9, 2019

Guest Speaker: Shaikh Noor Hayat From Mauritius

Insha Allah the Annual Ashura Program is going to be held on Monday September 9th , 2019 at 7:30 pm in JAMIA RIYADHUL JANNAH to pay tribute to Ahle- e – Bait Kiram Specially Imam-e- Aali Muqaam Syeduna Imam Hussain and his companions in Ashura. Night for their Great Sacrifice for Islam.

A very Energetic, Dynamic , English Speaker Shaikh Noor Hayat From Mauritius will address the gathering.

Plz attend with your family members especially your Youth to teach them the Lofty and Praiseworthy Status of Ahle Bait Kiram and the Tragic Event of Karbala.

Please see the flyer for detail.
Please forward it to others as this is Sadaq e Jariya.

May Allah keep our hearts & Souls full in the love and Respect of Ahle e Bait Kiram.


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